Woodwind Resources

Woodwinds: this is your hub for highly recommended materials, including mouthpiece, barrel, reed, ligatures, etc. Unifying our equipment allows a more cohesive ensemble sound (consistency and quality).

Mouthpiece: the mouthpiece is the most critical part of the woodwind instrument. The construction (including size, material, etc) determines the tone quality, intonation consistency, and ability to blend in the ensemble setting.

Clarinet: the Vandoren B45 (Soprano) and B50 (Bass) provide consistent tone and intonation through all registers. The hard rubber material generates a darker tone quality the enables consistent blend in the ensemble setting.


Concert (all): the Selmer S80-C* (all saxes) has a broader chamber allowing for darker tone for blending, and additionally allows for more controlled vibrato without sacrificing intonation.

Jazz: the Jody Jazz 6M (Alto), 6* (Tenor), and 6 (Bari) has a more closed chamber, generating a brighter sound and cleaner articulation more fit for the traditional big band setting.

Ligature: The ligature fastens the reed to the mouthpiece without restricting the sound production.

Clarinet and Sax: the Rovner line provides the appropriate balance between reed security and freedom to produce a high quality sound in all settings.

the mouthpiece/barrel/reed combination may alter the recommendation based on the brands and models you choose. Consult the band office with any questions.

Reeds: the quality of the reed directly impacts the quality of the sound you produce.

Concert: the brands that have proven to have the highest quality and consistency over the years have been: Vandoren or Mitchell Lurie. Please avoid Rico or store brand reeds.

Jazz: the Vandoren Jazz or Vandoren Paris are both high quality reeds for the sound production desired in this genre.

Double Reeds: more than any other woodwind instrument, the material of a double reed is directly related to the individuals success on their instrument. Although store brand reeds and plastic reeds may seem more affordable, they do not produce a quality sound in any setting. We highly recommend contacting a local teacher or University (i.e. Az State) to purchase hand made reeds. If you have questions about reeds, reed making, or local contacts, consult the band office for guidance.

Barrel (clarinet): the barrel amplifies the sound (from the Reed/mouthpiece combination) and directly effects the tone color and quality of sound produced. The Protege barrel provides the ideal color for an ensemble setting. The wood material and length should be considered when purchasing…consult the band office for more information.