Indoor Percussion

The Basha Indoor Percussion Ensemble (BIPE) is Winter Drumline ensemble for Basha High School. Members of the line are predominantly from the Fall BBR (marching band), but auditions are open to all students from Basha High School.  BIPE competes in both WGAZ and WGI competition circuits, presenting meaningful shows and opportunities for individual/ensemble skill development.



2016– WGAZ Scholastic Concert A Champions; 4th Place, WGAZ Scholastic Open
– 4th Place, WGAZ Scholastic Open
2014– WGAZ Scholastic Open Champions, WGI Championships Open Class Semi-Finalist
2013– WGAZ Scholastic Open Champions
2012– WGAZ Scholastic Open Champions
2011– WGAZ Scholastic Open Champions
2010– WGAZ Scholastic Open Champions, WGI Championships competitors (Dayton, OH)
2009– WGAZ Scholastic Open Champions, WGI Championships A Class Finalists 6th place
2008– WGAZ Scholastic Open Champions, WGI Championships competitors (Dayton, OH)
2007– WGAZ Scholastic A Champions, WGI Las Vegas Regional finalists



2016 – Carry On
2015 – Invictus
2014 – Moment
2013 – On Your Own
2012 – Computer
2011 – Relax
2010 – Meteora
2009 – Up and Down
2008 – The Nutcracker
2007 – Virtual Reality
2006 – Supermarket Sweep
2005 – Simplicity