Percussion Resources

Percussion: this is your hub for highly recommended materials, including mallets, sticks, pads, etc. Unifying our equipment allows a more cohesive ensemble sound (consistency and quality).

* all members of the Symphonic Band percussion section must have a basic mallet bag (including, but not limited to yarn Marimba mallets, rubber Xylophone mallets, Concert Snare sticks, and General Timpani mallets). [an example]


Concert: the general Vic Firth SD1 have proven to be consistent quality for general concert playing.

Marching: the Vic Firth Mike Jackson stick for Snare and John Mapes for Tenor

Jazz: in jazz set playing, the size stick used is more dependent on player technique than anything else. Utilize either jazz or concert sticks as appropriate.

Mallets: Recommended brands are Innovative and Vic Firth Brands. These mallets tend to last longer and maintain their sound quality as they age.

Xylo/Bells/Vibe: Rattan shaft (bamboo like) to withstand the impact.
Marimba: yarn mallets, birch/wood
* If you would like to pursue 4 mallets (mainly for vibe and marimba parts), we suggest purchasing a set of 4 at the same time, and rotate your use of them…. this will ensure that when you are ready to use four at once, they produce the same sound quality.
Xylo/Bells Mallet: Look for a medium/hard mallet, plastic or rubber will work. The Vic Firth M134 (they work well on BOTH xylo and bells)
* A medium rubber mallet works for a darker sound (M132), and a brighter bell sound (M135).
Yarn Mallet (Marimba): Look for a medium-hard mallet like the IP 1003 series, IP 240 and the Vic Firth M183. These will work over the whole range of the keyboard
* For lower keyboard range parts, look into the M182 and M181 mallets or the IP1002.
Cord Mallet (vibe): Medium cord Mallet, like the Vic Firth M187 or M188 and/or the Innovative RS251. You can also look at M138 or IP1005

Timpani: a general mallet is the Vic Firth T1. This will produce both soft rolls and rhythmic clarity when needed, and is a really great all around mallet to have.

**If you want to expand, also look for T2 (rolls) and a T3 (for staccato parts).
Mallet Bag:
Make a note that your collection probably won’t fit in a “stick bag” (especially if you purchase sets of 4 in any of the above). look at the Innovative MB1, and find something similar to that. It has plenty of room for everything you need to carry.

* Some places have starter kits available (like Amazon and Steve Weiss). Those are worth checking out. Starting places for (online) shopping are,,