Brass Resources

Brass: this is your hub for highly recommended materials, including mouthpieces, oils, mutes, etc. Unifying our equipment allows a more cohesive ensemble sound (consistency and quality).

Mouthpiece: the shape of the mouthpiece allows for consistency in tone and range in all genres.

Trumpet: the Bach 7C is versatile for all styles.

Horn: the Laskey 75G or the Farkas MC

Trombone/Euphonium: the Bach 6-1/2AL

Shank: the “shank” refers to the size the stem on a mouthpiece and is related to the size of the leadpipe of the instrument. Most mouthpieces come in both “small” and “large” shanks. Consult the band office for more specifics.

Tuba: the Bach 24AW or Helleberg Standard

Oil: the oil is vital to the operation of a valved brass instrument. Consistent use with high quality oil ensures the longevity and function of the instrument. We recommend using Blue Juice or Al Cass Fast. Both are synthetic oils and respond well in the AZ climate. Please avoid store brands (they are mostly water, not oil). Also, keep in mind that oil quality deteriorates over time if not stored in a climate controlled location.

Trombone Slide: there are 2 ways to lubricate a slide: oil or cream. it is vital to stay consistent with one type between cleanings. Mixing the two can cause damage and frustration in your playing. We recommend using Cream.

Trombone Cream: this two step process includes Trombotine Cream and a water spray bottle. Consult the band office for application guidelines.

Trombone Oil: any high quality valve oil is recommended (i.e. Blue Juice or Al Cass Fast). Advanced materials like Slide-O-Mix are also high quality, but you must consult the band office before application.

Slide Grease (tuning slide): there are 2 types of common tuning slide “grease”: cream or gel. We highly recommend the gel because it is better for the AZ climate and provides more consistency. The Spacefiller (green) or Selmer Slide Grease (red gel) both provide the qualities needed for instrument function.

Mutes: mutes are designed to alter the sound (color) of the instrument, according to the demands of the literature. The material of the mute is more important than the brand of the mute. Consistency in the section provides the most opportunity to blend through an ensemble performance. Below are some recommendations:

Trumpet: a metal mute – Harmon J1 Triple Play provides 3 mutes in 1 (straight, cup, plunger)

Horn: a cardboard mute – Humes & Burge Horn Straight 134 Mute (adjustable tuning)

Trombone: consult the band office for recommendations based on the ensemble setting

Euphonium/Tuba: rarely used…see the band office if you have a need