RESULTS: Symphonic Band & Jazz 1

Congratulations to those who auditioned and were selected to be in Symphonic Band and Jazz 1. These are our top ensembles at BHS and demand the highest effort and preparation.


There are still a few potential openings available in both ensembles. Re-auditions will be held on Saturday, July 15 by appointment. Contact the band office to set up an audition or to check for additional availability.

If you auditioned, but we’re not selected, see Mr. Q for feedback on your opportunities to grow.







RESULTS: BBR Guard Auditions

Congratulations to the 2017 Basha Bear Regiment Color guard:

Allison M
Alyssa T
Amanda E
Anneke W
Emily C
Emma A
Gabriella K
Georgianna D
Kira M
Miah P

*If you missed the auditions, but would like more information about the BBR Colorguard, contact us at

RESULTS: BBR Percussion Auditions

Congratulations to the 2017 Basha Bear Regiment Percussion section.


Bass (In order):
1. Marissa
2. Alex
3. Izzy
4. Hunter
5. Andrew
6. Tanner












Spring Auditions (17-18)

Current and future members of the Basha Band program interested in participating in the Symphonic Band or Jazz 1 must audition for acceptance. The auditions are on:

May 8   4:00-5:30p
May 10   4:00-5:30p

There are no scheduled individual times. Interested students should come to the D-105 on the BHS campus (the band room).

* Flyer

Symphonic Band – you will be asked to play the following:

  1. Chromatic Scale (your full range)
  2. One of the 12 Major scales (our choice)
    • From memory
    • Your most comfortable range
  3. Etude provided
  4. A melodic sight reading

Jazz Band 1 – you will be asked to play the following:

  1. Chromatic Scale (your full range)
  2. One of the ii – V – I scales (our choice) – (not for Drummers)
    • One octave from memory
    • Either in A, C, Bb, or F
  3. Etude Provided
  4. Improv solo over changes
  5. DRUMMERS: you will be asked to demonstrated SWING, ROCK, FUNK, and BOSSA NOVA.

Treble Clef Instruments
Bass Clef Instruments
Concert Percussion

Jazz Rhythm Section

2017 A-Team Application Info

The A-Team (student leadership team) of the Basha Bear Regiment (BBR) is one of the most prestigious opportunities a student can accept. Their contributions are directly related to the success of the overall ensemble.

Applications will be available in the “Members Only” section on Wednesday, April 5 by 3:30p.

Elements of the application:

  • Bio info
  • Prompt Response 1 (text)
  • Prompt Response 2 (text)
  • NEW! – Video Submissions … more details will be provided on the application
    • Video 1 (recruiting)
    • Video 2 (movement instruction)
    • Video 3 (music instruction)

All A-Team leaders must attend the Arizona Leadership Conference (with Bill Humbert) on June 1-3 at Corona del Sol HS (band will pay registration fees).

All applications will be due by Monday, May 1 at 3:30p.

BBR Color Guard Auditions

Interested in being a member of the BBR Color Guard section? …No prior experience is necessary! Join us on our audition days to learn more…

  • May 8 – 6:00-8:30p
  • May 10 – 6:00p-8:30p

Foundation flag skills, dance/movement concepts, and audition choreography will be taught on May 11.

All auditions are held  in the band room (D-105) at Basha HS. You should wear athletic clothes & tennis shoes (no JEANS), and water.


If you have any questions, contact the band office… #GoBears

BBR Percussion Auditions

All previous and potential new members of the Basha Bear Regiment (our marching band) percussion section must audition at the start of each season. These auditions are for us to evaluate you in 3 areas:

  1. Response to feedback and willingness to grow
  2. Musical ability – including reading music and playing with others
  3. Visual ability (battery) – control of the body both w/ & w/o a drum on

This season, auditions will be held on:

  • May 1: 6:00-8:30p
  • May 3: 6:00-8:30p
  • May 8: 6:00-8:30p
  • May 10: 6:00-8:30p

All auditions are held  in the band room (D-105) at Basha HS. You should bring music, mallets/sticks (as appropriate), athletic clothes & tennis shoes, and water.

Download the following packets and look over in advance of May 2.

Our percussion section is made of 2 parts: Pit and Battery. The Pit is the “front ensemble” made up of keyboards, synthesizers, the rack, and more. The Battery is the marching Snare, Bass, Tenor, and Cymbal. Students will have the opportunity to explore the instrument that is the right fit for their ability, as well as how they can best contribute to the ensemble.

If you have any questions, contact the band office… #GoBears

2016 – 2017 Class Descriptions

We are always trying to grow as a program and offer classes that are relevant to our students’ interests. Here are the courses being offered in the 2016-2017 school year


Concert Band : This traditional band class is for students looking for an opportunity to grow their skills as an individual, section, and ensemble member.

JV Jazz Band : This band class is for students looking for an opportunity to learn more about playing in a jazz style. All instruments are welcome into this class (even non-traditional jazz instruments).

Marching Band (* Color Guard & Percussion) : All members wanting to participate in the award winning Basha Bear Regiment (our marching band) can sign up for this class. The Marching Band and Percussion classes meet outside of the school day (7th hour) and require concurrent enrollment in a daytime band class (i.e. Concert band). The Color Guard class meets during the school day.

* Both Color Guard and Percussion sections are based on auditions held in May. More information will be provided later…

Percussion Ensemble : This class is open to all percussionists and is for students looking to grow their skills in all areas of concert percussion.


* Audition dates and materials will be provided in April.

Symphonic Band : This traditional band class is for students with advanced musicianship and technique on their instrument.

Varsity Jazz Band : This big band class is for students with advanced musicianship and technique on their instrument, within the jazz genre.


One of the unique features of Basha HS is our ability to offer music classes that are non-performance classes. These courses are open to a variety of students.

Intro to Music Theory : This course is for the student interested in exploring sound in order to generate new musical expressions. The hands-on hybrid experience (using both acoustic and digital sounds) enables students to learn the fundamentals of sound creation, the use of music for expression, and the meaning of music within their culture. No formal music experience is necessary. Intro to Music Theory may be applied to the Fine Arts credit.

* will be called “Creative Musicianship” in the 17-18 school year

AP Music Theory : This course, traditionally reserved for Juniors and Seniors requires prior music experience. This is an advanced academic study of music (composition, history, etc).