RESULTS: Symphonic Band & Jazz 1

Congratulations to those who auditioned and were selected to be in Symphonic Band and Jazz 1. These are our top ensembles at BHS and demand the highest effort and preparation.


Thank you to all who auditioned, we have some fantastic musicians here at Basha. Please come to the band office if you would like feedback.








Spring Auditions (18-19)

Current and future members of the Basha Band program interested in participating in the Symphonic Band or Jazz 1 must audition for acceptance. The auditions are on:

May 1     3:30-6:00p
May 2     3:30-6:00p

* Flyer

*Please register for an audition time here*

Auditioning students should be prepared to play no later than 10 minutes before their audition time.

Symphonic Band – you will be asked to play the following:

  1. Chromatic Scale (your full range)
  2. Two of the 12 Major scales (our choice)
    • From memory
    • Your most comfortable range
  3. Etude provided
  4. A melodic sight reading

Jazz Band 1 – you will be asked to play the following:

  1. Chromatic Scale (your full range)
  2. Two of the ii – V – I scales (our choice, know scales through 4 sharps/4 flats)
    • *Drummers excluded from this point*
    • At least one octave from memory
  3. Etude Provided
  4. Improvise solo over changes (in F or Bb, your choice)
  5. DRUMMERS: you will be asked to demonstrated SWING, ROCK, FUNK, and BOSSA NOVA.


RESULTS: BBR Student Leadership “A-Team”

Congratulations and thank you to all students who applied for student leadership.
Here is our A-Team for #BBR18!

Drum Majors:
Marissa Edwards
Kristina Foltz
Brandon Saylor

Flute – Morgan Cywinski
Saxophone – Dylan McGuire
Clarinet – Dylan Moreno

Trumpet/Mellophone – Aubree Landau and Jaxon West
Tuba – Lane Miller

Emma Anderson
Alyssa Terlaje

Nick MacGregor
Claire McCage