BBR Percussion Auditions

All previous and potential new members of the Basha Bear Regiment (our marching band) percussion section must audition at the start of each season. These auditions are for us to evaluate you in 3 areas:

  1. Response to feedback and willingness to grow
  2. Musical ability – including reading music and playing with others
  3. Visual ability (battery) – control of the body both w/ & w/o a drum on

This season, auditions will be held on:

  • May 1: 6:00-8:30p
  • May 3: 6:00-8:30p
  • May 8: 6:00-8:30p
  • May 10: 6:00-8:30p

All auditions are held  in the band room (D-105) at Basha HS. You should bring music, mallets/sticks (as appropriate), athletic clothes & tennis shoes, and water.

Download the following packets and look over in advance of May 2.

Our percussion section is made of 2 parts: Pit and Battery. The Pit is the “front ensemble” made up of keyboards, synthesizers, the rack, and more. The Battery is the marching Snare, Bass, Tenor, and Cymbal. Students will have the opportunity to explore the instrument that is the right fit for their ability, as well as how they can best contribute to the ensemble.

If you have any questions, contact the band office… #GoBears


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